Teknmotion Real Glass Screen Shield for iPhone 5 & 5S (Black)

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  • Ultra thin Japanese optical glass: Light  transmittance > 90%
  • Self-Adhesive, delicate touch: Adhesive power: 130 g/cm2
  • Precise polishing: Nano film reduces fingerprints, anti-dust, anti-sweat, UV cut 
  • Special frame design: No glare or bubbles at the edge. 
  • Tempered glass: shatter-proof, anti-scratch, anti-shock, MOHS scale is 8H, Elastic pressure 12kg/cm2
  • Easy to install: No sticky residue
  • Supports iPhone 5S touch ID
TekNmotion Real Glass Screen Shield
Cellular phones have recently become much more than just phones.  From depositing checks into your bank account to playing video games with friends who are miles away, you can do just about anything on your smartphone. It is only right that you would want to protect such a multi-functional device on which much of what you do on a daily basis depends. Forget those flimsy screen films that reduce the clarity of your phoneÕs screen, attract dust, and make your device look unattractive. Upgrade to the TekNMotion Real Glass Screen Shield! Protect your phoneÕs screen with this highly scratch and glare-resistant, life-proof wonder! 
Easy to Install:
With do-it-yourself screen shields installation can be difficult if not annoying. Not anymore! With the TekNMotion Real Glass Screen Shield you no longer have to worry about having to go through this tedious process. Installation is quick and easy. All you have to do is wipe your phoneÕs screen with the provided wipe and place the Real Glass Screen Shield over it.  No wait, no hassles, no sticky residue, and most importantly, no worries.
Precisely polished UV cut:
The Real Glass Screen Shield UV cut edges provide screen coverage to the round edges of your phone.  Protecting your screen from anything the world has to throw at your phone. The precisely polished nano film reduces fingerprints, dust, and sweat, while protecting your screen from those painful scratches and cracks.  The Real Glass Screen Shield has you and your phone covered at all times.  
Tempered Glass:
While a conventional screen film might reduce the clarity of your phone, the Real Glass Screen Shield keeps your phoneÕs screen clear.  Since it is actual glass and not flexible film, it is always clear.  In addition to great clarity, you get a scratch-resistant, anti-shock, ultra thin low profile shield.  And because glass is rigid, it remains stiff on installation, leaving no room for annoying air bubbles.
Touch Screen Sensitivity:
Also as important as clarity is the shieldÕs sensitivity. Despite being made of scratch-resistant, anti-shock materials with a hardness of 8H TekNmotionÕs Real Glass Screen Shield maintains your phoneÕs screenÕs sensitivity.  With the Real Glass Screen Shield you can always count on more accurate text messages and status updates.  No more having to worry about that disconcerting message you accidently sent your parents or friend because your screen protector took away from the screenÕs original sensitivity.  With the Real Glass Screen Shield you can rest assured that the message you sent was the message you intended to send.
Peace of Mind:
The TekNmotion Real Glass Screen Shield gives you peace of mind by protecting that which is most precious to youÑyour phone!  With the Real Glass Screen Shield you get a clear, fully covered and sensitive screen that is also life-proof.  Now you can always rest easy rest and be assured that your phone is protected.
About TekNmotion:
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